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CelebrationOfStars.com , Celebrity Impersonators and Bands available throughout the midwest.

Celebrity Impersonators are people who look like celebrities; they dress and behave like celebrities for entertainment purposes. Other terms that are applied to refer to impersonators include lookalikes, tribute artists, impressionist, etc... Today there are thousands of impersonators across the US and around the world. Celebrity impersonators keep the memories of the celebrities alive by dressing, behaving, singing, and talking like them on stage and during other performances. They bring celebrities who are no longer with us alive, and and a chance to be closer to "living legends" than otherwise possible.  One of the most widely imitated celebrities is Elvis. Certain sources announce that there are well over 25,000 Elvis impersonators in the US alone. Though this looks like an exaggerated figure, we shouldnt be surprised if the number of Elvis impersonators match the suggested figure or even exceed this number taking into consideration the popularity enjoyed by this celebrity.

Celebrity impersonators rule the world of on-stage entertainment and they are equally popular in television shows as well. No matter how many times we watch these celebrity impersonators, it always amazes and it never ceases to entertain us. It is the ability of the impersonator to imitate the celebrity that grabs our attention. They manage to capture every little mannerism of the celebrities that they try to imitate. Above all, they also mimic the voice of the celebrity and you can easily mistake them for the celebrities themselves.

There are thousands of celebrity impersonators in the US, each one of them possessing a special talent. These impersonators are known for their creativity. However, like in any other industry we cannot expect all the celebrity impersonators to have the same talents. Some of them are indeed better than the others. When searching for impersonators for a corporate stage show, a tradeshow, or a private event we would want to hire the best celebrity impersonators and not some mediocre group. It is just not about the physical similarity; impersonation is about ultimately becoming that personality that they imitate. It requires a lot of training and observation. The impersonator perfects himself gradually and becomes better day by day. So we can easily differentiate between someone who has great experience in performing on stage shows and someone with limited experience. 

You can find the  best celebrity impersonators in the midwest with with with Celebrations Entertainment/Celebration of Stars Tribute Shows. They have celebrity impersonators and tribute bands available in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and most are available to travel nationwide. They have been in this industry since 1998. They have enjoyed great success, and they have an enviable list of clients. They have a highly talented group of impersonators and lookalikes. They are a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment and stage show needs. They have bands, cirque acts, comedians, impersonators, magicians, production shows, showgirls, kids entertainment, singing telegram performers, and more! They have experience in providing talents for parties, casinos, corporate events, stage shows, fairs and festivals, etc.

Their popularity has taken them all over the US, Canada, and even many international shows. This is a highly competitive field and not everyone can hold the fort so easily and shine.
One really needs to be at their best and the "Celebration of Stars" entertainers and everyone involved at Celebrations Entertainment Services have enjoyed this status since 1998 and their popularity continues to increase day-by-day.

Visit http://www.celebrationofstars.com/ for the Midwests Best Selection of professional entertainment for your event.

Celebrations Entertainment Services of Indianapolis, Indiana

Celebrations Entertainment Services - Indianapolis Location - Now Open!
Singing Telegrams, Celebrity Impersonators, Look-a-likes, Tribute Bands, now available in Indianapolis and the Indy metro area!!! Fun performers for all occasions! Chicken, Gorrilla, Grim Reaper, and more!

We also have professional Celebrity impersonators and tribute bands; Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Wayne Newton, Beatles, Kenny Chesney, Guns n Roses, Kiss, And More!!!!
Local and national entertainers!
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Call Today!
Chris, agent
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Celebrations Entertainment Services/Celebration Of Stars
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"What is a Singing Telegram?" and other FAQ's

Q: What is a Singing Telegram?
A: Singing telegrams are a hilarious way to send a message or greeting that is a lot more fun than sending a fax, email, instant message, text, or greeting card.
Why send the same ol' boring cliché gift? We'll be happy to send someone over to sing, dance, or act out your message to the recipient. They'll even dress up to do it; anything from a tux and top hat to a gorilla suit, or a celebrity impersonator! Most performances are also delivered with a balloon bouquet or other gifts! Think of it as a mini-show that will bring laughs into the workplace, home, public engagement or party, and leave the recipent with a smile, an unforgetable memory, and fun balloons or another great gift (roses, teddy bear, etc..)

(see the bottom of this blog for a brief history of Singing Telegrams)
Q: How long does a Singing Telegram Performance last?
A: Performance times vary from five to fifteen minutes depending on the character. However, Our performers will always allow a little extra time after the performance for photos, mingling, and fun. And being experienced improvisers, they're happy to joke around with a willing audience!
Q: Can you handle "same day" orders for the time I request?
A: Yes we can, if the order is placed early enough in the day. However, if our schedule is very heavy or you place an order later in the day you may have to be flexible on the time. (please allow plenty of time for traffic, weather, etc..)
Q: Can I get a copy of the song or telegram?
A: Yes. Most performers deliver a writen or printed copy of the message or song. If Your character doesnt, you will be told prior to placing your order.
Q:DO You Have Other performers and acts not listed on your site? 
A: Yes. There are more choices than we have room to list!We have singing telegram performers throughout southwestern Ohio, central Ohio, northern Kentucky, and Central and Eastern Indiana. We also have Celebrity impersonators, tribute bands, and other entertainers available for travel nationwide! However not all performers are available at all locations and not all acts are available to travel. Please call for details and we'll help you find the perfect performer for your event.
Q: Can your singing telegram performer bring extras like a cake or flowers and such?
A:  In most situations we can easily accommodate your requests. As long as it isn't too outlandish! Additional fees would also apply.
Q: Is a Singing Telegram just for birthdays or Valentines day?
A: No. They are great for EVERY OCCASION & EVERY EVENT! Birthdays, Graduations, Get Well, Anniversaries, Happy Retirement,Congratulations, Going Away Parties, Welcome Home, Weddings, Holidays, and Even for no reason at all!

Call your local Celebrations Entertainment Service  office to book your special event entertainment. We offer Singing Telegrams, Celebrity Impersonators, Tribute Bands, Circus performers, kids party entertainment, variety acts, and more? Don't see the act you want? Just ask, we work closely with independant entertainers and agencies nationwide to assist in finding those hard-to-find acts!


Our Main Office located in Dayton, Ohio: (937)270-8947
Cincinnati Office: (513) 693-0229
Columbus Office: (614) 504-4313
Indianapolis, In: (317) 622-8081

reach us toll free nationwide at: (800) 828-2076

A brief History of the Singing Telegram:

George P. Oslin, a Western Union executive, created that durable art form, the singing telegram, in the year of 1933.
Mr. Oslin is credited with sending history's first singing telegram -- sung by a Western Union operator named Lucille Lipps -- to the star vocalist Rudy Vallee on July 28, 1933, which was Vallee's birthday.
At that magical moment, Mr. Oslin was the public relations director of Western Union, then based in New York. He held the post for 35 years, retiring in 1964.
In an interview after he died, his wife, Susanna Meigs Oslin, noted that by the time Lucille Lipps sounded her first note, telegrams had come to convey mixed associations. During World War I, Mrs. Oslin noted, ''To a lot of people, the telegram was a scary thing because it meant you were being told you lost a loved one.''
And Mr. Oslin recalled in 1993 that back in 1933 he had thought that he had to convince people ''that messages should be fun.'' But he reported in his book ''The Story of Telecommunications'' (1992, Mercer), that when he invented the singing telegram, ''I was angrily informed that I was making a laughingstock of the company.''
Mr. Oslin also liked to accentuate the positive in singing-telegram history. He once said that the message he sent to Vallee -- which was chronicled by the newspaper columnist Walter Winchell -- ''started America on a zany musical binge.''
And a retired Western Union spokesman, Warren Bechtel, recalled recently that it ''was certainly an imaginative, innovative idea,'' and that singing-telegram business boomed.
Although Western Union is no longer in the Singing Telegram Business, The tradition is Proudly kept alive by the folks here at Celebrations Entertainment Services!

Pam H., owner/agent

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rod Stewart Tribute Artist and Impersonator

  Celebrations Entertainment Services & Celebration of Stars Celebrity Tribute Shows is proud to anounce the newest addition to our Award-Winning Line up;
Christopher Duke, The Rod Stewart Experiance!
  Chris has been performing his Rod Stewart tribute since 2004. He has recently relocated to Cincinnati,Ohio and is available for private events, corporate functions, fairs, festivals, casinos, theaters, lodges, and more. We are currently booking Chris for events throughout southwestern Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and he is available for travel. Check him out today (audio / video will be posted on our site soon). http://www.celebrationofstars.com/

  Looking for Celebrity impersonators, Tribute Bands, Singing Telegrams, Novelty Acts, for your event?
We specialize in unique, hard-to-find, professional entertainment. Remember, we offer the largest selection of local entertainers in the midwest, and ohio based touring Tribute Bands.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Open casting calls..Seeking Local Entertainers...Where is Frank, anyway?

As a local, Southwestern Ohio entertainment production & booking service we are always looking for local entertainers, singers, and celebrity impersonators to be part of our "Celebration Of Stars Tribute Shows", as well as variety / novelty acts to be added to our list of entertainment services. Currently seeking the following:
  • Tribute to Frank Sinatra,
  • Tribute to Dean Martin,
  • female vocalists for the "50's & 60's tribute to girl groups; The Calender Girls".

    We are always interested in the following:
  • Celebrity Impersonators, look-a-likes, and Tribute Acts.
  • novelty entertainers
  • kids entertainment
  • variety acts
please email us your info, promo pack, or pictures, audio/video, experiance, and/or description of your talent or act to: info@CelebrationOfStars.com
We book live entertainment for Fairs, Festivals, Casinos, Private & Corporate Events,
Retirement Comunities, Concerts, and more.... 


Friday, January 14, 2011

www.CelebrationOfStars.com, Tribute Bands, Celebrity Impersonators, Singing Telegrams, Oh My!

Ok, so my name is Mike and my wife and I (along with our wonderful friends) operate Celebrations Entertainment Services. You can check us out at:
CelebrationsIncdj.com , OhioSingingTelegrams.com , and CelebrationOfStars.com .

So any way, Pam has this "brilliant" idea to start a Blog. "We can blog about our company, the fun things we do, the crazy s#!% that happens around here...Oh, and don't forget to tell people about our friends." she said. "Ok," I dutifully agree, "But don't you think we're like five years behind on this whole idea of blogging?"

Well, I'll skip the boring details and get straight to the point. Here it is! Our Blog.
Yes, we have an entertainment company. Yes, we have a blast. Yes we hang out with "Celebrities"...(well, people who look like celebrities).  And yes, Singing Telegrams Really Do Exist!

I'm sure in the future I'll be Blogging a lot of fun stories, special events, and probably more details from "behind the scenes" of our day-to-day operation than most care to read. But for now I just want to invite the world to check us out (and send Pam a link to this Blog, hi honey!).
So, if your in the Southwestern ohio area and need and a Singing Chicken you now know where to look. Oh, and we also have:
  • A great Elvis Impersonator, 
  • A Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist
  • Rod Stewart Impersonator
  • Rat Pack Group
  • other celebrity impersonators and tributes
  • Tribute Bands
  • kids entertainment
  • Circus performers, Clowns, Jugglers
  • and yes....Singing Telegrams.